Despite its title, I m scared and so is Michele, the 9 year old narrator of this suspenseful story It s fast paced and wild, and you can t help but be pulled in immediately and with full heart and soul.
Ammaniti knows how to create a grim story that has a loveable, heroic boy at its center And he knows how to keep you sitting on the edge of your seat The book is scary, but addictive It reads like a nightmarish fairytale There s good versus evil all over the place There s one small good guy against a slew of big bad guys And Michele is constantly being exposed to terrifying situations For example, I died along with Michele when his mother insisted that a scary and gross old man would be sharing Michele s tiny bedroom.
Michele stumbles upon a criminal secret and then spends his time frantically trying to help right the wrong There is much urgent bike rid Di Ammaniti e dei suoi adolescenti disadattati ho gi detto altrove tutte le mie perplessit.
Ma in questo libro i disadattati sono gli adulti, mentre i bambini crescono stando insieme, sperimentando gerarchie, piccole sopraffazioni, quando ancora non si chiamavano bullismo , prepotenze e tradimenti, ma anche sfide, solidariet , amicizia.
Il mondo tra pari molto simile a quello della mia infanzia, passato nella noia che ci faceva inventare giochi demenziali o meravigliosi, ma in tanti, tutti insieme, con appresso i fratelli pi piccoli che arrancavano e si facevano giocare in insalata tanto non contavano mentre ora sono sempre soli, chiusi nella loro stanza, a parlare con amici virtuali, o costretti a sfinenti attivit tutte predisposte da adulti con la loro presenza ingombrante e imprescindibile.
Sicuri di aver loro costru Due sorprese Sorpresa in negativo sin dall inizio sembra di leggere la sceneggiatura del film Nel libro mi aspettavo di trovare un po pi di sostanza narrativa e anche una scrittura un po pi articolata di quella che si richiede a una semplice sceneggiatura E invece devo accettare il fatto che ci sar una trama non particolarmente sviluppata attorno all idea centrale che comunque buona e un qualche svarione tra punteggiatura e congiuntivi Quest ultimo appunto trova tuttavia una motivazione che si collega alla sorpresa in positivo Sorpresa in positivo narrato in prima persona La voce narrante proprio quella del ragazzino protagonista, o meglio lui da adulto che ricorda le vicende dell estate 78, e ricordando si ri cala con franchezza nei panni di s stesso novenne e con mia grande sorpresa devo ammettere che il tutto si regge in piedi Come ha giusta ,, , , , , , , , .
Õ Io non ho paura ☆ A real horror Evil is committed in pursuit of the good , the victims are innocent and young, their innocence lost in the most painful way possible, and the story ends without any expectation of redemption or happiness for anyone.
And what a unique and brilliant narration The author inhabits the mind of a nine year old boy and tells the story like a real nine year old Reminded me of Esther Freud s Hideous Kinky but with really something extraordinary it doesn t take Niccolo Ammaniti whole paragraphs to jolt his readers He does it with just one or two short sentences, often when his fictive boy narrator makes a wrong perception of something which at first seemed real Then all that the boy has heard, felt and seen he ties them up in the end, like a bundle of

I m not sure how to describe this book Is it a shattering of innocence, a coming of age story, a mystery, a suspense novel or is it all of these I was drawn into the story immediately by the short terse prose, the descriptions of the countryside and the dialogue and actions of the young children in the story Ammaniti, has captured with accuracy the actions and thoughts of a child who is caught in an adult situation As the reader you are viewing the events from the eyes of nine year old Michelle and you feel the same confusion and detachment that he does when placed in a situation where an incredible event is occuring As he learnsand seesfrom the actions of his parents and the other adults around him be begins to understand what is really happening and can no longer remain detached He can no longer remain neutral, he must act The book moves along at a quick pace and ends in a n .
A poignant coming of age story about the loss of innocence of a rural Italian boy The tale is told with enough balance as to be emotionally and intellectually engaging without being overly sentimental.
The style comes across as so effortless and the plot is so well handled, that one almost feels as if this could very well really have happened, which makes the chilling and ironic conclusion feel evenshocking and resonantand since truth is stranger than fiction, who knows, perhaps it did happen and in a certain sense, it did The novel is apparently partly based on real life historical events that took place in 1970 s Italy.
Although the events that take place is the stuff of crime fiction and thrillers, it s given a fresh take by being told from the point of view of the young protagonist who finds himself initially outside the events that eventually rob him .

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