Events Of Pietro Russell S Life Are Told InChapters From A Z, Each Chapter Is Set In A Different Place And Reveals A Fragment Of His Story As His Memories Flicker Back And Forth Through Time In His Search For A Resolution To The Conflicts Of His Life, His Story Gradually Ò A Fool's Alphabet ☆ Download by Ò Sebastian Faulks Unfolds This is a fairly charming non chronological account of a life, told in 26 chapters, each headed by an A to Z of place names from that life Perhaps its main message, in the words of one of its characters, is that this like any other is just one version of a life.
Life story of an Anglo Italian post war baby who never quite belongs anywhere and is oddly unsympathetic for a main character Each chapter refers to a different location, each starting with the next letter of the alphabet Contrived, but cleverly unfolding tale disjointed, though not confusing.

Given up on this Don t often do that and usually enjoy his stuff Dull characters with no real sense of being invited to care about them.
Arranging a story via place names in alphabetical order is a bit of a gimmick and, although Pietro s story does emerge, the shifting time periods, presumably necessitated by the imposed requirement to follow an alphabetical order of place names, do cause some confusion I found myself referring back to previous chapters to see what had come before and what after the one I was reading.
Towards the end of the book there is a reflection on the alphabet which casts some light on the genesis of Faulk s tale I quote The alphabet was the means by which a place became articulate Without a name, it was nothan a collection of buildings or a natural landmark But although places were given this access to articulacy, their single utterance was void of meaning Even names whose derivation was clear, like Newtown, did not reveal the

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