Love, love, love this series Arkiko in the Castle of Alia Rellapor by Mark Crilley is about a boy that is trying to get in the castle to save one of her friends The book is about that a boy was trying to go to the prince of the castle for he can see how the prince is treating his friend I like this book because it telled that a Arkiko want to save his friend and didn t care if it was it s family member I will recommended this book to people like reading books about castles and people saving lives.
And Her Crew Spuckler Boach, Mr Beeba, Poog, And Gax Have Faced Dangers Unimaginable To The Average Fourth Grade Earthling At Last They Reach The End The Castle Of Alia Rellapor They Must Get In, Find Prince Froptoppit, Free Him, And Escape Without Alerting Numerous Robot Guards Or Their Leader, Half Man Machine Throck Akiko Can Do [Mark Crilley] É Akiko in the Castle of Alia Rellapor (Akiko) [habsburg-empire PDF] read Online ç It This was a wonderful four part series that I will sorely miss Mark Crilley has told a superb story about a trepidatious fourth grade who grows into a confident young lady by the end of the four books.
There seem to beillustrations in this book compared to all the others, but I find it adds to the entertainment valueand kids will love it I was happy to finally meet Alia Rellapor and was pleased by the ending of this series I only hope that Mr Crilley writes another series.
Akiko in the Castle of Alia Rellapor is a great book and a very fun read The Akiko series is for young readers who want a little adventure in their lives.
I rated this book an 8 out of 10.
Next to Akiko on the Planet Smoo , Akiko in the Castle of Alia Rellapor is my favorite book in the Akiko series It s full of twists, action packed, heartwarming, and satisfying everything a finale should be It s such a perfect conclusion, in fact, that I wish Mark Crilley would have stopped here and not written anyAkiko books After Alia Rellapor , it just felt like overkill.
First off, I just want to say that these characters are some of my favorites ever It s one thing to really like people in a book it s completely another to feel like they re family Also, the plot twists at the climax were great, and I loved how it ended The garden scene and the bit with Poog was the perfect way to end the adventure I only wish we d gotten to discover a bitabout Poog, but maybe that ll come in later books.
É Akiko in the Castle of Alia Rellapor (Akiko) ✓ Just finished the story arc of Akiko on her first adventure on Planet Smoo with my nieces yesterday This is one of my favorite books for kids in early elementary It s a fun adventure with silly and endearing characters The main character is thoughtful and honest, and not always feeling brave, but she tries her best, and always rises to the challenge surprising herself

I really like this one because they finally reach the prince but they have so much trouble and end up not making it out Why don t they make it out Will the prince be ok Will they be ok Rea dthis book to find out.
Akiko was a regular school girl to every oine else in the school thought so , but she was nothing like that, she has been on an adventure to find the prince of Frotoppit, she alos had help doing that, her freinds poog, Spuckler, Mr.
Beeba and Spucklers robot gax was in the adventure with her, and their journey was long and painful but, Trudd the evil villan who kidnapps the prince is in their way and everytime they encounter each ohter they end upin a bad situation So to get to Alia Rellapor s castle they have face alo of dangerous things, so they walk the distance from the forest all the way to the castle.
We own this entire Akiko series including some autographed copies , but my 6yo wanted to start with this one He thoroughly enjoyed it, and often asked me to keep reading even though it was time to turn off the light There are parts that refer back to events from the earlier books, but mostly along the lines of I can t believe we went through X to get here In other words, you can follow the story just fine if you start here, but Crilley is such an enjoyable author and Akiko such a likable character that you might as well read the entire series I have a feeling we ll be starting book 1 tonight.

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