The author and I have two things in commonWe are both American women married to British men.
We both live in the UK.
After reading the book I can only come to the conclusion that Jane Walmsley lives in a very different world from the average Brit and American I seriously doubt that Ms Walmsley has ever mixed extensively with the average, estate dwelling British citizen, which has led her to write a very unhelpful and inaccurate book She spends far too much time trying to sanitize life in the UK and make it appear quaint Of course, she may very well know the truth but will not dare to write about it for fear that her windows will be put out with bricks and her car petrol bombed If you want an accurate portrayal of the British mentality AVOID THIS BOOK This is one of the funniest, most accurate books there is on the subject of the cultural connections and misconnections between the US and the UK It is entertaining but also spot on in its comparisons I read the original, which is probably a little dated now that London has changed so much The revised version probably is better In any case, it is a good, tongue in cheek look at the two nations, separated by a common language.
Technology is making the world a smaller place This is an amusing book, but global communication and social networking have erased, to a certain extent, some of our differences The differences today aresubtle, and references to things that happened over a decade ago make the book seem very out of date Nevertheless, it is a fun read and revealing insight into the ways American s think I think the British bits might benefit from being written entirely by a Brit, rather than an American who thinks she understands the Brits.
This was mostly funny, but sometimes a little off in the analysis I would have liked it , but it was obviously outdated why refer to couples like Brad and Jen or Madonna and Guy which took away from some of the points The chapter on Brit cool vs Ameri cool reminded me of when I was 10 or 12 and my uncle tried to pretend like he understood how Bad was Good you just want to cringe and say By talking about it, you ve ruined it.
It Comes To Understanding The Great Cultural Ocean That Divides Brits And Yanks, It S Not Just Our Vocabulary But Also Our Attitudes That Differ This Irreverent Guide Surveys A Whole Gamut Of British American Divergences, From Sex To Food, From Pets To Religion, From Sports To Money, And From War To Most Divergent Of All Humor Entertaining And Invaluable, Brit Think, Ameri Think Has Been Updated To Reflect Changes In Political, Cultural, And Social Trends, And Includes New Chapters On Cultural Icons Oprah Winfrey And Bridget Trailer Ð Brit-Think, Ameri-Think: A Transatlantic Survival Guide PDF by Ï Jane Walmsley Jones, And On Brit Cool Vs Ameri Cool

Hilarious Or shall I say brilliant I laughed myself silly with this book Of course, it helped that we have friends and colleagues who are British The comparisons are great and the observations about American culture are very amusing If you don t know someone who is British it might not be as funny.
↠´ Brit-Think, Ameri-Think: A Transatlantic Survival Guide ↠´ Written by an American who is married to a Brit, this is a fun, informative guide to the differences in British and American attitudes, covering cuteness and coziness, aspirations, Oprah, food, what s cool and hot, humor, religion, pets, andThis revised edition is copyright 2003, so many of the pop culture references are, of course, outdated Time for a new edition, perhaps Altogether a very interesting read I can t, obviously, comment on the accuracy of the Brit descriptions, but for the American ones, the majority were spot on Granted, the book is dealing with broad generalizations, but taken with a hefty dose of reality, it was quite amusing.
Great book, not only educational but as well entertaining, I rarely read book in a few days or a few hours, I did read this one in a few train ridesTwo thumbs up Mildly amusing book Picked this book up on a whim since it was a bargain book I ve seen this book around and thought it would be a cute and different read but it s probably only for a very niche group of people Supposedly author Walmsley wrote a whimsical, irreverent guide to the differences between how people in the US think and how British people think Everything from language to customs to pop culture are all covered There are moments that are quite amusing and worth a giggle but it s mostly not incredibly funny or interesting As other reviews note the book is out of date or at least my version is but I d imagine that if you or someone you know has spent a good deal of time in either country you might recognize some of the bits here Might be a good book for a couple who is in a trans Atlantic relationship or someone who is studying abroad, staying long term in one of

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