This is a book that would interest people who enjoy reading books about the history of mathematics, particularly about the communities and and institutions of mathematics The period covered is from the late 19th Century Courant was student and later, a colleague of the famous mathematician Hilbert at Gottingen Courant is obviously not as famous as Hilbert and the book does not focus on his achievements in mathematics Instead, it discussesabout how he relates to other mathematicians, and his tireless efforts in trying to establish and nurture two centers of excellence in mathematics the Mathematical Institute at Gottingen and the Courant Institute of Mathematics at New York.
Story Of Great Mathematicians And Their Achievements, Of Practical Successes And Failures, And Of Human Perfidy And Generositythis Is One Of The Still Too Rare Occasions In Which Mathematicians Are Shown As Frail, Flesh And Blood Creaturesa Very Worthwhile Book Download Epub Format ñ Courant in Göttingen and New York.
The story of an improbable mathematician.
PDF by ↠´ Reid, Constance, CHOICE ☆ Courant in Göttingen and New York.
The story of an improbable mathematician.
× This is primarily a biography of the mathematical world of G ttingen and how it was transferred to New York Richard Courant plays the key role in this drama This is really a sequel to Reid s justly famous biography of Hilbert G ttingen, the city and the University, plays a decisive role in both stories.
Reid explains the work of Felix Klein, who worked to reform education in prewar Germany His focus was on G ttingen Created a marvelous mathematical environment Students from all the world came and left impressed Reid starts with Courant arriving as a student Spends many pages on his service in the Kaiser s army The war s injurious effect on G ttingen and mathematics is sad Klein dies and eventually Courant rebuilds.
The interwar years introduce many famou

More from Constance Reid Great.
Very informative and historic about a giant in mathematics

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