Devesh very aptly picked all Dalit entrepreneurs in India, and illustrated quiet well all challenges are faced by them Quiet inspiring.
Defying the Odds ✓ A simple but inspiring read.
The Odds Is About The New Dalit Identity It Profiles The Phenomenal Rise Of Twenty Dalit Entrepreneurs, The Few Who Through A Combination Of Grit, Ambition, Drive And Hustle And Some Luck Have Managed To Break Through Social, Economic And Practical Barriers It Illustrates Instances Where Adversity Compensated For Disadvantage, Where Working Their Way Up From The Bottom Instilled In Dalit Entrepreneurs A Much Greater Resilience As Well As A Willingness To Seize Opportunities In Sectors And Locations Eschewed By Privileged Business Groups Traditional Dalit [ read Online Defying the Odds Ï cyberpunk PDF ] by Devesh Kapur ✓ Narratives Are Marked By Struggle For Identity, Rights, Equality And For Inclusion These Inspiring Stories Capture Both The Difficulty Of Their Circumstances As Well As Their Extraordinary Steadfastness, While Bringing Light To The Possibilities Of Entrepreneurship As A Tool Of Social Empowerment

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