There are many books out about Pope Francis I would look for one other than this I was disappointed in what is clearly a hastily thrown together book The excerpts from his speeches are the highlight, but they are short and mainly taken from the Vatican website The rest appears to be cobbled together from other previously published accounts, so you get some repetition and surface level view of the Pope.
È Francis, Pope of the New World È A review of everything that we have read about this wonderful man.
This is an excellent look at the new pope from various points of view Would love to revisit this book in the future to see how Francis compares to the expectations While at times repetitive, the repetition comes from different people in different vocations I think this shows that Pope Francis has a consistency rarely found in public leaders.
Disappointed More information on demographics, history, social condition and church perspective than substance on the Pope himself Boring and uninformative Not a biography.
Pope Benedict XVI S Historic Renunciation Of The Papal Office In February , The College Of Cardinals Elected Jorge Mario Bergoglio Now Pope Francis As The New Leader Of The World S EstimatedBillion Roman Catholics But Who Is This New Pope Really In Francis, Pope of the New World, Michel Cool Surveys Pope Francis S Journey To The Papacy, His Convictions, His Personality, And His Writings, As Well As The Challenges He Faces In His New Office The Governance Of The Church, New Trailer ✓ Francis, Pope of the New World PDF by Î Michel Cool Evangelization In Secularized Societies, And Poverty, Among Many OthersPeppered Throughout With Anecdotes That Demonstrate The Humanity Of Pope Francis And His Sensitivity To Those Who Are Most Distant From The Church This Book Paints A Vibrant Portrait Of The Man Who Has Chosen For His Motto Miserando Atque Eligendo Lowly But Chosen

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