Having enjoyed watching Glee from the first series I thought I d give The Beginning a try.
I was left extremely disappointed The characters retained their flaws but lost all of their redeeming qualities I find the t.
v versions of Rachel, Puck and co endearing despite their idiosyncratic ways, their book counterparts however were just obnoxious and unlikable.
The book was scattered with references to Puck s dubious pool cleaning business, cougars, M.
Fs and other subjects unsuitable for younger readers The writing style left a lot to be desired as did the story.
There were multiple discrepancies from the t.
v show, Quinn being depicted as shorter than Rachel on the cover art being a most obvious one.
This book is only really suitable for ages 14 due to references of amature nature that I d deem unsuitable for younger minds I will not be purchasing the next volume in the series and have not Basic writing and contained everything I hate about Glee then magnified it I can t bloody stand Rachel, Quinn, or Finn and yet there they are with the book s focus firmly on them as usual, the minority characters areafter thoughts they don t even get to be on the front cover or on any of the giveaway posters Plus, everything in the book contradicts how the Glee Club actually started as seen in the pilot and last time I checked, the pilot was still bloody canon Even the most hardcore Glee fans would do best to read this with lowered expectations I will certainly not be reading the follow up books to this.
To be fair the only glaring issue with this prequel is the continuity However as the TV show wasn t all that concerned with continuity either yes, I m still salty about it it s actually a decent tie in Story was a bit predictable, but I could see this being one of the early episodes albeit one of thecliche ones All in all, everything was pretty much in character and I could picture the characters actually saying the dialogue Whatcan you really ask for from a tie in Glee The Beginning is a short, fun read chronicling the events of McKinley High before Mr Schuester takes over Glee Club The book starts off with Rachel Berry, resident over achiever and know it all, being asked by Kurt to join Glee After much deliberation, Rachel agrees to join, and the rest of the novel concentrates on the difficulties the members of the Glee Club have trying to avoid humiliation and gain acceptance from their peers and the popular crowd Along the way, slushies are tossed, new relationships are forged, the importance of teamwork is explored and the Glee members even start to realise that maybe Rachel isn t as annoying as she first comes across.
I really liked Glee The Beginning because in this book, we get to learnabout our favourite characters from the TV series Every wondered why Rachel is so determined How long Kurt and Mercedes have been friends How Puck Jenny bought these for the kids series section and I offered to read it to see if it was appropriate for our fifth grade and under collection I m pretty iffy on that Reading for myself, I was really, really bugged when things didn t match up to the show How hard would it have been to watch the first two or three episodes before writing this It s not a huge time drain, okay Here, the club was Kurt, Mercedes, Artie and Tina until Kurt invited Rachel But we saw Sandy feeling up the one guy, and Rachel auditioned to get in after Mr Schue took over Finn dumped Kurt into the dumpster several times, he wouldn t think of him as the poor kid Puck threw in the dumpsters I never got the impression that Puck and Quinn had been having a secret romance that she didn t pursue beca

I can be very short about this one it was awful It doesn t often happen to me that I feel the urge to get myself a toy gun that looks awfully real and then fly over to the author and threaten her to take her hands off of the computer and keep them where I can see them But now I really did, while I m actually very anti violent This book just completely missed its point to me Obviously a tie in book does not equal high quality literature, but this I think there might be better fanfiction posted online This book is very easy on the grammar and the construction of its sentences It s a book you can finish in an hour and a half, because there s nothing that you need to think about or reread I guess it s great for primary school children, but for ✓ Glee: The Beginning Ø For the record, this doesn t suck As tie in novels go, they re actually a rather pleasant experience, with a littleheart than usual You just have to resign yourself to the fact that publishers of tie in novels are afraid of writers who connect with character emotions like actors instead of script writers I don t know how well it works as a canon launching prequel, but if you try to think of it as a typical cotton candy fluff YA novel, it succeeds in that respect I am always casting YA novels with Glee characters here that s done for me.
The worst part is the Puck Quinn garbage, which I have mostly repressed from memory and which literally turned my stomach so much I had to start skipping passages None of the love square is particularly appealing, really Rachel s blind mania is dialed up to 11 and she seems extra cart When I received this book I wasn t really sure what to expect I loved the TV series but I ve never really been a big fan of tie in books This one luckily is a bit different It s actually an original novel so what happens in it is separate to the content of the television shows The book also takes place before the Glee series so you really get to know all of the characters well.
There are lots of things I liked about this book but in particular I liked the way Lowell presented the Glee kids we all know and love They are portrayed in the same way as on the show but in the book they havedepth and I loved reading what they were thinking something that you cannot do easily on TV My favourite characters have to be the protagonists Rachel, Finn, Puck and Quinn although I do think they re all very likeable.
Rache Promising premise but the writing style got on my nerves DNF at page 55.
All Gleeks Get Of Your Favorite Characters In This Official Glee Prequel All Great Performances Deserve A Warm Up Enroll Early At McKinley High Before New Directions Was Even A Glimmer In Mr Schuester S Eye When Did Rachel First Decide Finn Was Than Just A Jock When Did Puck And Quinn Start Their Secret Romance And How Did The Fledgling Glee Club Function Without A Fearless Leader Hint It Wasn T Exactly A Perfect Melodytps Openlibrary booksGlee: The Beginning ✓ Download by ✓ Sophia Lowell OL

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