This book and CD are amazing The hairs on the back of my neck stood up as I read It made me appreciate that my difficulties stem not from being a lazy or bad person but from having a body trying to protect me, and a body with stuck energy The exercises work Truly life changing.
Practical somatic interventions to be used at home to restore connection with the body Good starting point for psychoeducation of trauma survivors Easily accessible to people without a psychological studies background Would recommend to anyone who experiences out of body numbing.
To The National Institute Of Mental Health, ThanMillion Americans Suffer From Anxiety Disorders Many As A Direct Result Of Trauma As A Young Stress Researcher At The University Of California At Berkeley, Peter A Levine Found That All Animals, Including Humans, Are Born With A Natural Ability To Rebound From These Distressing Situations Now On Healing Trauma, You Can Join This Respected Therapist And Teacher To Learn How To Address These And Other Symptoms At Their Source Your Body And Return ï read µ Healing Trauma: Restoring The Wisdom Of Your Body (Sounds True Audio Learning Course) by Peter A.
Levine Á To The Natural Trauma Free State That You Were Meant To Live In Featuring Than Six Hours Of Guided Instruction To Engage Your Body S Built In Healing Process I would not recommend this short book as an introduction to Dr Levine s work If you read and enjoyed his work Waking the Tiger this book is a how to with that process The first time I listened to the audio I felt very hypnotized I very easily sensed my feelings in my body because I was already on board with the idea, I meditate with regularity and practice body conscious exercises like running, hiking and yoga It may take a little longer for you if the idea is new to you.
I fully expected to have a less intense experience the second time I used the CD Was surprised to have aintense reaction I felt my face grimacing, my stomach lurching, the room spinning I felt seasick Unlike talk therapy it s not a head trip I don t get addicted to hearing myself blah blah blah about my life I sense these issues trapped in my tissues are finally dissipating Although it may take a couplerou  Healing Trauma: Restoring The Wisdom Of Your Body (Sounds True Audio Learning Course)  If you bring forth that which is within you, then that which is within you will be your salvationIf you do not bring forth that which is within you, then what is within you will destroy you The Gnostic Gospelsdone readinghave not come to exercising it yet i think this book is helpful in terms of information about trauma its level of helpfulness though will depend upon the result s i get when i finally come round to doing the exercises.
This reads like a cliffs notes version of Peter Levine s other works I found the book interesting and helpful until the end of the practical exercises The sections after felt like filler.
Levine s work is really interesting, especially since it dealswith body work vs intellect Much of the time, trauma isn t bound in logic so thinking your way through it in order to process it doesn t work Processing trauma through body exercises is another strategy and it seems to be effective.
This book can be bought with or without the CD for the exercises.
This is a very informative book that I found useful and working as a psychologist I m always looking for books that might help me with helping others It has many examples and exercises you can use on your own, and I also like how he compares our reactions to those of other animals There are also some great case studies in the book, that demonstrates eloquently what he means when he explains the theory behind the treatment An essential book for all trauma therapists I thought this was going to be similar to trauma release exercises There were some good exercises here but they seemedlike mindfulness which is good than training my body to let go of stress

Healing Trauma Restoring the Wisdom of Your Body is a brief introduction to Dr Peter Levine s research, theory and clinical work in assisting recovery from PTSD symptoms.
Somatic Experiencing is the clinical modality based on Dr Levine s theory and research.
Somatic Experiencing differs from conventional talk therapy Rather than linguistically interpreting the trauma and reframing the event in aadaptive way cognitive restructuring and narrative integration Somatic Experiencing facilitates a direct experience of the trauma symptoms as body sensations via a systematic imaginal exposure coupled with b mindful awareness of emotionally significant body sensations, and c guided modulation and long term retraining of dysregulated body states In other words, rather than sitting around and talking about the trama, the client lays down on a ma This book is muchreadable than Peter Levine s other, for the lay person anyway I like the way it talks about healing trauma in terms that a person can hear it without feeling it s the end of the world to get past trauma Not to mention all the little things that can actually traumatize that we don t even realize can have an impact, especially for little children.

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