Instead of reading another review, read this essay One of the best.
Kate Wolf, the west coast folksinger, wrote this lyric Give yourself to love, if love is what you re after, open up your heart to, the tears and laughter And this is just what we do and what this book is about.
These 50 short 5 or so page stories paint a mosaic of love that is wildly diverse, frequently sentimental, and ultimately very hopeful Each of the tales explores a facet of relationships, including dating, lusting, coming together and breaking apart, winning and losing, marriage and divorce, having children and losing children, being a child and a parent, and death All the stories first appeared in a New York Times editorial column called Modern Love Many of the authors are professional writers Each piece is a personal story illustrating what the author learned about love from an experience, sometimes wonderf

I wasn t certain if I liked this at first The first chapter in this non fiction book of essays on love deals with the dating scene where every story ends in heartbreak I wanted to slit my throat Luckily the second chapter deals with love stories on marriage, the third chapter has stories on babies and then the fourth chapter takes us to a crescendo of heart felt tales of people who stay together for life Chapters five and six are back to depression mode with stories of death and divorces I really enjoy the mix of stories from people s lives as most are told with an honest, raw, emotional telling I contemplated a 3 or 4 star rating due to the majority sadness that prevails most of the book this is not an uplifting read but then I began to think about the human journey and how in reality it is riddled with endings and beginn The reader in me loved these stories Many brought me to tears, and there is little that isinteresting to read about than relationships because they re something we can all relate to The writer in me is wondering how on earth each story hit exactly the same tone Man, the editor of this bad boy must have a heavy hand Either that, or they just happened to find two dozen writers who write similarly to one another Which I suppose may be the case, that the editor is just choosing stories that fit to his ideal.
Either way, this is definitely worth a read Especially great for the summer because it doesn t require a lot of commitment The stories are newspaper short, so if you only have 10 minutes to knock out a few pages, you can still feel like you ve accomplished something.
A smorgasbord of personal stories from the column in NY Times Modern Love section some very well written, brief and engaging glimpses into people s lives while they share one moment on a couple of pages Some stories seemed ho hum okay, but generally a great grasp of what most stories from this column will be like.
This is a highly enjoyable book for anyone who has loved, been loved, been dumped, or has dumped someone It is for moms and dads who love their kids unconditionally and for relatives with a special relationship with nieces and nephews It is also for children with strained relationships with their mom or dad In essence, this book is for everyone These are very short little essays, four to five pages in length, that tell of true life situations of love, loss, grief, happiness, struggle, all dealing with all kinds of love.
These snippets are taken from the best of the New York Times column, Modern Love.
They are little nuggets of pleasure and food for thought Enjoy ß Modern Love: 50 True and Extraordinary Tales of Desire, Deceit, and Devotion ß It s always hard to rate a collection A couple of these essays were 5 stars.
I love the modern love column in NYT but a number of these stories didn t standout There are still a handful of gems Perhaps the later submissions before this went to print are just higher quality.
Irresistible True Accounts Of Love In The Twenty First CenturyA Young Woman Wryly Describes A Relationship That Races From Start To Finish Almost Entirely Via Text MessagesA Casanova Is Jilted After An Idyllic Three Weeks And Learns The Hard Way That The Woman Is, Well, Just Not That Into HimAn Overweight Woman In A Sexless Marriage Wrestles With The Rules Of DesireA Young Man Recounts The High Wire Act Of Sharing Ü read ½ Modern Love: 50 True and Extraordinary Tales of Desire, Deceit, and Devotion by Daniel Jones Ð The Woman He Loves With Both Her Husband And Another BoyfriendA Female Sergeant In The Missouri National Guard, Fresh From Iraq, Tells What She Is Not Supposed To Tell About The Woman She Is Not Allowed To LoveThese Are Just A Few Of The People Whose Stories Are Included In Modern Love, A Collection Of The Fifty Most Revealing, Funny, Stirring Essays From The New York Times S Popular Modern Love Column Editor Daniel Jones Has Arranged These Tales To Capture The Ebb And Flow Of Relationships, From Seeking Love And Tying The Knot To Having Children And Finding Love That Endures Cynics And Melancholics Can Skip Right To The Section On Splitting Up Taken Together, These Essays Show Through A Modern Lens How Love Drives, Haunts, And Enriches Us For Anyone Who S Loved, Lost, Stalked An Ex, Or Made A Lasting Connection, And For The Voyeur In All Of Us, Modern Love Is The Perfect Match Fun stories and total different to read than listen to the podcast I like the podcast much better Happy that I only ran into one or two duplicate stories between the podcast and book.

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