Second in the Lola Zola series A cute, sassy tween book for girls Lola Zola begs her mom for a bra, just wanting to be like all the other girls in middle school, but her mom keeps saying Lola doesn t need a bra yet She wants her daughter to stay a child, while Lola is really to grow up Especially when a new girl moves in, a girl that Lola and her best friend Melanie dub Tween Queen Pauline due to her gorgeous hair and curvy body Zola feels like the chosen one when Pauline invites her to the mall to try on bikinis even though Lola doesn t fill hers out and to a makeup party even though Lola isn t allowed to wear makeup Unfortunately, this makes Melanie, Lola s best friend, feel left out But when Lola discovers that Pauline shoplifts and likes boys including Lola s crush she isn t as sure that she wants to be Ms Popularity See my detailed review at Lola Zola is a great heroine, one that I m so glad my tween daughter gets to know through the two wonderfully written books featuring her dealing with real, modern problems that kids today are dealing with.
å New Girl on Salt Flat Road (Lola Zola, #2) Ä I recommend this delightful tween adventure that is timeless in its themes about friendship and betrayal.
This Second Novel In The Lola Zola Series, Our Main Character, The Zany Year Old Lola, Finds Herself Torn Between Her Mother Who Doesn T Want Her To Grow Up Too Fast And The New Girl On The Block Who Is Too Fast Shoplifting At The Mall, Hosting Lipstick Parties And Pop Up Bikini Fashion Shows, And Flirting With All The Boys, Including Lola S Not So Secret Heartthrob From The First Novel, Lola Zola And The Lemonade CrushHere S An Excerpt Life On [Marcy Winograd] Ð New Girl on Salt Flat Road (Lola Zola, #2) [food-preservation PDF] read Online ✓ Salt Flat Road Was Usually Dullsville, But Today The Newcomer S Arrival In The City Of Mirage Caused Tweens To Pop Their Heads Out Of Windows Lola S Neck Hurt From Popping Her Head Out So Much She Looks Like A Teenage Cleopatra, Said Lola, I Bet She Dates The Body God Had Blessed The Middle School Newcomer With Curvy Hips And Dips All Lola Got, However, Was A Pancake Flat Chest Nothing Rocked Yet Later On What Do You Do Around Here, Lola Zola Asked Pretty Pauline, After Introducing Herself With A Slow Wave And Triple Clang Of Her Gold And Black Bangles Was She Wearing Lip Gloss Yup Pauline Surveyed The Sleepy Succulents On Mirage S Desert Street Do You Talk To The Plants She Asked Uh, Well Lola Looked At Melanie, Her Freckled BFF, Who Giggled And Said, Lo, Want To Tell Her Would Lola Dare Tell The New Girl The Truth Actually, Lola Did Talk To Plants

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