Thirteenth Title In The Number One Bestselling CHERUB Series Ryan Is On His First Mission, And It S As Big As They Get Twelve Year Old Ryan Is CHERUB S Newest Recruit He S Got His First Mission Infiltrating The Billion Dollar Aramov Criminal Empire But He S Got Got No Idea That This Routine Job Will Lead Him Into An Explosive Adventure Involving Drug Smugglers, Illegal Immigrants And Human Trafficking, Or That His ï read People's Republic: Book 13 (CHERUB 1) by Robert Mucha ↠´ First Mission Will Turn Into One Of The Biggest In CHERUB S HistoryFor Official Purposes, These Children Do Not Exist I was never a kid who read I hated it, I would always play on a device before bed but know I read YES this book turned a 13 year old boy who never read into someone who had to be told to stop reading and go to sleep i would recommend this series to anyone who hates reading I would read the first book the recruit to read first as the books would make a lotsense As I have said for all of these books I wish they were all films I am a life time fan of Robert Mucha now and he is my favourite by far thank you so much the book reads great and love the characters I now have 12 of his books and I will keep buying them for sure.
This book is very good, the storyline is solid and the characters are well thought out but to understand the background you need to read the first series I recommend this book as 11 Being a 12 year old boy myself I think that the book is suitable for 11 wouldn t read this with my family because of some language used However my school library recommended these books for the secondary school year 7 but these cherub books are a good read for some older people as wellI give this book a 5 5 ↠´ People's Republic: Book 13 (CHERUB 1) ↠´ Great read Love the series Even if you don t enjoy reading you will be hooked I read most of the original CHERUB series when I was in school, never got around to the new one bought all the series 2 books in one go about a month agoish I know for a fact the rest are going to be worth every penny One of my favourite sets of books ever Thank you Robert Mucha Excellent price and super fast delivery I Loved the last Cherub Series, but I was quite unsure about a new series, purely because I had grown up with James along for the ride so to speak Mucha has done a great job in the past of expressing characters of different ages.
Compare the young impulsive James from book 1 to the Young adult we saw at the end of the series.
I was worried he might not be able to jump back to the shoes of a young 11 year old.
But he has done just that I keeping with the darker settings of his later works we are thrown into the life of a Orphan in China who is desperate to escape.
The book follows her desperate struggle to survive before at the end bringing her to Cherub.
Opposed to the last series where James ends up in Cherub off the bat, Ning the new girl has to fight, lie and steal just to get herself to that position.
A couple cameo appeara

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