Dky Edgara Allana Poea V P Ekladu Ladislava Enky Ka A S Ilustracemi Harryho ClarkaPov Dky Dostaven KoLigeiaMorellaBr LeSmrtihlavSt N Podobenstv Ml En BajkaBob BonFakta O P Padu Monsieura ValdemaraV Voda De L OmeletteMaelzel V AchistaArnheimsk Panstv Neboli Zahrada V Krajin Landorova VilaJeruzal Msk Pov DkaPro Ten Mal Francous Nos Ruku V P SceJak Se P E Do Asopisu Aneb Petr T DleFilosofie N BytkuKterak Ps Ti L Nek Pro BlackwoodV T SniU Konce S DechemLiter Rn Ivot V En Ho Pana [Edgar Allan Poe] ð Povídky [law PDF] read Online  Tenta Nonce I read The Fall of the House of Usher, William Wilson, and Hop Frog All very interesting stories I believe Edgar Allan Poe s purpose in writing these stories was to portray a strange array of madness brought through strange similarities In The Fall of the House of Usher the narrator realizes when they are burying Madeline that she and Roderick are twins They have that strange connection that makes Roderick realize his sister is not dead and that she is coming for him before everything crumbles In William Wilson another person just like the narrator follows him around everywhere he goes until he finally snaps and kills them, only to find out he has killed himself That one was the most intriguing due to it s sudden plot twist at the end In Hop Frog although Hop Frog isn t exactly like Trippetta they are both dwarf size and it is because of what is don It was quite enjoyable but after a while the themes got repeatative in the novels and the plots got predictable the dead don t stay dead, clever men solve the puzzles easily, immorality comes to haunt, arrogance and wrongdoing gets paid harshly But overall I enjoyed the writing style and the true to its time vocabulary.
I read these in English so the reason I m so behind on books is because of these, so therefore I am counting them I enjoyed reading these Poe is such an interesting author because his work is so dark, but finding the comparisons to things is cool.
» Povídky » I often read English books I know well translated into German, to keep my German sharp without too much effort In this case, it was a bad idea If you can read Poe in English, you should But there s no point to reading him in another language if you don t have to He can be hard enough to follow sometimes, due to the complexity of his language and imagery, when you read him in the original In translation, it often comes out as gobbledygook I try not to read Goethe and Rilke in English translation, and one really shouldn t read Poe or Shakespeare in any language but the original.
Que puis je dire du g nie d Edgar Allan Poe Ce d mon de la perversit , avec sa coquetterie noire, inqui te et discr te P re du roman policier, d tective et p re de la science fiction Val ry l a rang dans la section des auteurs fantastiques tranges trange il l est, mais pas moins bizarre Toutefois, pas autant que ses personnages qui cr e ce sentiment freudien d inqui tante tranget Un ouvrage lire qui pousse ses lecteurs m diter sur la pourriture du monde postmoderne entre extase et effroi, qui les pousse sur le bord de l ab me, envers une douce folie et une ali nation aussi cauchemardesques qu exaltantes Bonne lecture.
I greatly enjoyed this book, especially since Edgar Allan Poe is one of my favourite authors I particularly liked the story The Masque of the Red Death, as all the descriptions of the rooms in the palace were so vivid, I could envision them in my head The Pit and the Pendulum was in my opinion exceptional as well, I found it very gripping.
Poe on Poe, polegi nagu midagi elda Raamatusse on kogutud viisteist novelli, osad sellised, mille v hemalt mina pidin kooliajal l bi lugema ja seet ttu v ga tuttavad ratuntavad olid Illustratsioonid olid huvitavad, neid oleks v inud raamatus rohkemgi olla.
a book you started but never finishedG mnaasiumis olid meil m ned novellid siit 5 kohustusliku kirjanduse seas ning tahtsin juba siis terve teose l bi lugeda, kuid uusi raamatuid aina kuhjus peale ja nii see plaan soiku j i, v hemalt m neks ajaks T na v in uhkusega elda, et iga viimse kui lehek lje lugesin l bi Mingil perioodil ei lugenud ma ldse novelle, ige raamat oli ikka sadade lehek lgede paksuse looga ja ikka mitme osaga Vanusega on n d tulnud kihk ka l hijutte lugeda Kusjuures seda k ll ei saa elda, et paarilehek ljeline jutt v hem m tlemisainet annab kui paks romaan Nii m nigi lugu siit samast Poe novellidest hoiab mul kuklakarvu ikka p sti.
Novelle oli kogumikus mitmeid erinevaid, olid lihtsalt s nged udusjutud, sci fi alla kuuluvad lood, paar s gavalt iroonilist seika ning isegi mitu detektiivim steeriumi Eelmisest lugemisest j id m Polisiye sevenler kesin sever

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