I ve re read this on Kindle after getting on paperback a few months ago Some good memories here for fans, and some pretty horrible ones too.
Chris clearly knows the subject very well and is very eloquent with it He should be on Wise Men Say and Roker Report muchoften, such is his knowledge Back to this though, often with fan based accounts they can resemble either, a fan boy utterances resulting in an unbearable text, or b totally and utterly negativity to the point of being similarly unreadable This isn t unique to Sunderland, but often Sunderland related literature can fall into either of those two camps Chris does neither here and the book is all the better for it.
A highlight for me included the summary on Drumaville, presumably aided in no small part by information from John Hays I presume the club were approached for comment on all maters and didn t respond, I A good account of the first 20 years at the SOL Having witness most of the games in the period it is a good reflection and pulls no punches It was always my opinion that Ellis Short would be a disaster for SAFC and the book proved me correct Short changed that is what Sunderland AFC must have felt over the last twenty years at least The move from Roker to Stadium of Light was not easy Reid, Quinn and Kene to DiCanio Bruce, Poyet and O Neill have developed the story Sadly Grayson and Coleman have added an unwritten last chapter sadly The short changes continues It s a book which may be ofinterest to supporters of clubs other than Sunderland,surprisingly The reason being was that this is littlethan an account of what we all knew to begin with, albeit a remarkably accurate one It doesn t really shed any new light on anything at all.
Ê Short-Changed: The Highs & Lows of Sunderland AFC During 20 Years at the Stadium of Light ☆ Fascinating insight into a story that may finally be entering a new chapter Nicely balanced and it avoids stage villains.
Great read that documents the recent history of Sunderland football club and highlights the mistakes made that has lead to the club s current predicament.
Is Twenty Years Since Sunderland AFC Moved From Roker Park To A Sparkling New Home The Stadium Of Light Opened Its Doors InAnd Was, At That Time, The Third Largest Club Football Ground In England It Was A Mammoth Statement, One Made All The Ambitious By The Fact Its Inhabitants Would Be Plying Their Trade In The Second Tier Of English FootballShort Changed Takes A Thematic Look At The Past Two Decades Download Epub Format Ì Short-Changed: The Highs & Lows of Sunderland AFC During 20 Years at the Stadium of Light PDF by ✓ Chris Weatherspoon Of Sunderland AFC, Centring Around The Three Men Who Have Held The Role As Chairman In The Stadium Of Lights Young History Where Sir Bob Murray Could Point To The New Home As His Legacy, And Niall Quinn To His Saving Of The Club From Ruin, Ellis Short Is Devoid Of Much To Shout About During His Time At The Club, He Has Overseen A Wasting Of Huge Sums Of Money, And Stood Idly By As The Clubs Name Has Been Tarnished By Scandal And ControversyThe Book Covers Football In Abundance, Charting The Rocky Path The Club Has Travelled, As Countless Players And Managers Have Came And Went Short Changed Also Takes A Broader View, Considering The Pervading Financial Realities That Have Impacted Sunderland During Their Recent History, As Well As Looking At The Connection Between The Football Club And Its Wider CommunityDrawing On Exclusive Interviews And Considerable Research, Short Changed Is The Story Of A Club That Has Wound Up Right Back Where It Began When The Stadium Of Lights Doors First Opened Great insight into the actual finances behind the football club but with plenty of stories about the personalities involved in this huge financial mess.

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