A pretty entertaining comic starter for the youngins Not something to be taken seriously, and actually kind of funny at times A very entertaining read about how two boys who love pranks, create the ultimate prank.
read this a super long time ago I can t even remember if I liked it haha I heard these Captain Underpants HAHAHAH UNDERPANTS books have been banned in places Foolishness I can totally understand that some people can NOT handle potty humor That s cool But do people really think that kids will read this and be influenced to become rebels like George and Harold, the main characters in these books Yes, people DO think that because people are dumb sigh The boys in the book make comic books that involve their principal, aka CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS The boys do other things that are, well, pretty typical boy things Anyway, I could think of worse things.
We started with this and read the entire Underpants series HAHAHAH I said UNDERPANTS Oh yes, Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants, Captain Underpants and the Wrath of the Wicked Wedgie Woman, Captain Underpants and the Big, Bad Bat Here comes that valiant hero, CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS The Adventures of Captain Underpants is a popular children s book from the creative mind of Dav Pilkey and it is about the hilarious adventures of George and Harold as they try to trick their strict principal Mr Krupp, but their trick ends up backfiring on them The Adventures of Captain Underpants is absolutely one of the funniest books ever createdTra la laaaMan, I am going to be saying that throughout this review Dav Pilkey has done a great job with both the illustrations and writing this book as they make this book full of pure hilarity and adventure I love the way that Dav Pilkey writes this book in a sarcastic and humorous way as George and Harold are shown to be the greatest practical jokers in the history of all practical jokers as they are constantly pulling p ↠´ The Adventures of Captain Underpants Ð Well, I can see why boys that this is aimed at love these books I only read it because it was for banned challenged controversial lesson in children s lit class I avoided them when my little brother read them The bathroom humor literally was never to my taste But it s a comic book feel and draws in reluctant boy readers Still, it has so much bad grammar and few if any redeeming qualitiesI cringe when I have to recommend them.
Class review Silly story, appealing to kids who wouldn t want something serious A mix of a comic book and early chapter book aimed at children who want to read something ridiculous.

O CAPTAIN my Captain your fearful underpants don t shun George and Harold have weather d every rack, the prize they sought is won Evil is near, school bells I hear, children all emoting, While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring Underpants Underpants Underpants Ms Ribble, mean with eyes of red, Where on the deck my Captain fights, Professor Pippy Pee Pee Poopypants cold and dead.
Seriously THIS is one of the most frequently banned challenged books of the past decade because according to an article I read it is said to contain offensive language, to be sexually explicit and to be anti family Um unless we re including the word poo on the list of offensive words, and we consider a pudgy middle aged guy in tighty whities to be sexual, then yeah I don t get it This is akin to the parents of MY generation who wanted to ban Loony Toons because they were apparently afraid we d all run out and drop an anvil on somebody s head before shoving a stick of TNT in their shoe.
This book was harmless elementary school fun, with a few winks and moments of absurdity that only an adult reader would likely get Frankly it reminded me a lot of the style of humor employed in the cartoon Phineas and Ferb Not a series I will PERSONALLY st I know I m old to read this because it is intended for young kids I can t control my hands on getting copies of this series This is a children s book, however the humor is slightly older so adults, such as I, could appreciate and have a good laugh while reading this.
I read this when I was in Year 4, I read it over the holidays and I think I gave it to my little sister it is now sitting in her bookshelf , but I don t know, there is just something about Captain Underpants and his ridiculous adventures that has me laughing a lot I also like the fact that it is basically two storys in one and the author wrote the comic into the story, in the end equals a funny enjoyable read.
Plays With Words And Pictures, Providing Great Entertainment The Story Is Immediately Engaging Two Fourth Grade Boys Who Write Comic books And Love To Pull Pranks Find Themselves In Big Trouble Mean Mr Krupp, Their Principal, Videotapes George And Harold Setting Up Their Stunts And Threatens To Expose Them The Boys Luck Changes When They Send For AD Hypno Ring And Hypnotize Krupp, Turning Him Into Captain Underpants, Their Own Superhero Creation Later, Pilkey Includes Several Pages Of Flip O Ramas That Animate The Action Trailer É The Adventures of Captain Underpants PDF by ✓ Dav Pilkey The Simple Black And White Illustrations On Every Page Furnish Comic Strip Appeal The Cover Features Captain Underpants, Resplendent In White Briefs, On Top Of A Tall Building This Book Will Fly Off The Shelves

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