A Minnesota Farm In , Life Isn T Easy For Abigail Stahl Her Mother Is Dead, But No One Will Talk About Her A Father She Can T Remember Dictates Her Behavior Via Scathing Letters From Overseas While Deflecting Her Pleas For The Truth Circumstances Beyond Her Control Thrust Abby Into The Clutches Of A Patriarchal Uncle Who Demands Unquestioning ObedienceIn The Midst Of The Turmoil, Abby Determines To Solve The Mystery Of Her Mother S Death Aided By Her Scheming Cousin, Darrell, [ read Online The Enigma Journal ☆ judaica PDF ] by Linda Audrey Kantor ì She Discovers Tantalizing Clues Unsigned Love Letters, A Faded Photograph Of A Man Aiming A Gun, A Safari Dress With A Bullet Hole Enigmatic Entries In Her Father S Journal Serve To Deepen The MysteryLater, As A Young Woman, A Spirited And Persevering Abby Begins A Journey Of Revelation When She Travels To Africa To Seek Closure Even There, Ambiguity Prevails Was Ellen Stahl S Death An Accident Or Murder As Abby Manipulates A Final Confrontation Between Two Brothers To Expose The Realities Of The Past, She Discovers That Love, Acceptance, And Reconciliation Can Transcend Everything Even The Truth Oh my, when I come across an author inside a store whom I have never heard of, that connects with me and tells me about her books in such a personal way, I m intrigued Upon finishing this amazing novel, I am convinced that I want to read everything this woman writes Her ability to paint clear pictures of her characters in words is astounding I adored every moment of her novel What an amazing story straight from the heart You will love her ability to keep you turning the pages hour after hour.

What fun this book was Complicated, dysfunctional family as seen through a young girl s eyes I was piecing together the puzzle it all right along with her Much variet, fast paced except for one segment in the middle Highly recommended.
The Enigma Journal ☆ Really liked the written story and way characters and dialogue were written.

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