I loved it Loved everything about this book The gorgeous prose The way in just a relatively few pages, Woodsen managed to flesh out her characters, making them autentic people The themes explored Themes of mother, daughter relationships, teenage pregnant, ambition, fatherhood and sexual identity The many different emotions she manages to provoke, emotions that changed as the story progressed How young people make decisions about their lives, things that will affect them in the future, not realizing what that entails So many issues are covered, yet done so well that it never felt crowded Life and death, lives lived Some give upfor love, some are not able to give enough I loved it because it felt authentic, real Something about memory It takes you back to where you were, and just lets you be there for a while Jacqueline Woodson is a NATIONAL TREASURE This is one of the very few books that has made me break down into no holds barred ugly crying at the end Nuanced, devastating, and yet empowering and hopeful, this is a perfect read.
What a beautiful little jewel of a book Red at the Bone is told from the perspectives of five members of a somewhat unconventional family At the centre of the story is Iris, who was 16 when she had her daughter Melodie The three other family members are Iris parents and Melodie s father There is no linearity to the story Slowly, through different layers, we get a bitinformation about what happened to the characters and mostly a strong sense of their very distinct personalities The end is terribly sad and beautiful at the same time I m feeling a bit tongue tied by this one read it It s short I definitely have to readbooks by this author This was another buddy read with Diane and Angela Itthan made up for the mediocre book we just read together Thanks also to Edelweiss and the publisher for an opportunity 2 6 19A sincere thank you to my fam at Riverhead books for sending this one over I just can t understand how someone can write so flawlessly Completely dazed Woodson has a unique talent of being able to shape such interesting and rich characters With ease she shift between past and present of the people s lives, threading together one complete family history A history that has been marked by unexpected joy, pain and discovery This is my first read from Woodson and I am absolutely hooked Will be reviewing this on my channel You can find me onYoutube Instagram Twitter Tumblr Website Extraordinary New Novel About The Influence Of History On A Contemporary African American Family, From The New York Times Bestselling And National Book Award Winning Author Of Another Brooklyn And Brown Girl DreamingTwo Families From Different Social Classes Are Joined Together By An Unexpected Pregnancy And The Child That It Produces Moving Forward And Backward In Time, With The Power Of Poetry And The Emotional Richness Of A Narrative Ten Times Its Length, Jacqueline Woodson S Extraordinary New Novel Uncovers The Role ✓ Red at the Bone í Download by ☆ Jacqueline Woodson That History And Community Have Played In The Experiences, Decisions, And Relationships Of These Families, And In The Life Of This Child As The Book Opens In , It Is The Evening Of Sixteen Year Old Melody S Birthday Celebration In Her Grandparent S Brooklyn Brownstone Watched Lovingly By Her Relatives And Friends, Escorted By Her Father To The Soundtrack Of Prince, She Wears A Special, Custom Made Dress But The Event Is Not Without Poignancy Sixteen Years Earlier, That Very Dress Was Measured And Sewn For A Different Wearer Melody S Mother, For Her Own Sixteenth Birthday Party And A Celebration Which Ultimately Never Took Place Unfurling The History Of Melody S Parents And Grandparents To Show How They All Arrived At This Moment, Woodson Considers Not Just Their Ambitions And Successes But Also The Costs, The Tolls They Ve Paid For Striving To Overcome Expectations And Escape The Pull Of History As It Explores Sexual Desire And Identity, Ambition, Gentrification, Education, Class And Status, And The Life Altering Facts Of Parenthood, Red at the Bone Most Strikingly Looks At The Ways In Which Young People Must So Often Make Long Lasting Decisions About Their Lives Even Before They Have Begun To Figure Out Who They Are And What They Want To Be

It s 2001 and sixteen year old Melody is celebrating her birthday surrounded by family and friends Told from alternating points of view, readers learn the past that brought two very different families together for this momentous occasion Red at the Bone is a poignant story that I devoured in one sitting The voice of each character is powerful and authentic The tragedies that play major parts in their lives were heartbreaking This is an unflinching look at family and how we become one, slowly and all at once, based on our choices.
At just over 200 pages, Woodson explores ambition, education, desire, and parenthood in an emotionally insightful way.
I recommend this book to readers who love literary historical fiction, family drama, and narratives from multiple points of view.
Thanks to Riverhead books and Edelweiss for providing me with a DRC in exchange for my hone Á Red at the Bone × Because if a body s to be remembered, someone has to tell its story This is one of the many quotes I highlighted in RED AT THE BONE, this beautiful, gut punch of a novel by Jacqueline Woodson A piece of the highest literary craftsmanship, each chapter alternates character, and each character s voice is so real I felt like they were talking directly to me, or that each character was telling me their story instead of one author writing it I felt intimately connected with everyone in this family and shared their heartache, their joy, and all the in between moments This is the perfect novel to fall into and lose yourself, to get completely swept up in, and resurface only after reaching the last page.
If anyone were to ask me what the point of literature is, I would direct them to this book for its power, insight, and humanity I read it in a single sitting while on a four hour flight Had the book been longer, I likely would not have been able to finish it but there s an equal possibility that I would have resisted getting off the plane until I was done reading I can t imagine that ending well.
Woodson s novel immediately before this, Another Brooklyn, had a strong effect on me Never before had I felt myself being drawn so vividly into the mind and soul of another person I naturally assumed it would be a unique experience, that any future book by Woodson might impress and move me but never reach the extraordinary heights of Brooklyn I was wrong Red at the Bone is every bit equal perhaps amazing to say If a body is to be remembered, someone has to tell its story.
Tell a story of bodies is exactly what Jaqueline Woodson has done in Red at the Bone Once again she has proven a master storyteller and a writer with the utmost ability to bring her characters to life and make you feel everything that they are going through, the love, the sadness, the hate, the life, and the death She beautifully weaves this tapestry of a novel about one family and their lives past, present and future I was left shattered yet hopeful, reminiscent of a classic Toni Morrison work, Woodson has once again outdone herself with another novel sure to be worthy of a national book award honors.
The novel starts at Melody s coming of age ceremony at the age of sixteen with her family and supporting cast all t There s nothing as dangerous as a poet writing a novel A breathtaking, distilled story of a family.

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