I finished the first three last year and lovvvved them!! They are now one of my favorite series.
When I just heard that Cassandra Clare came out wiht two more in the series, I was so excited.
I am currently reading Clockwork Price and I love that series too.
Once I finish that, I will get the last two and add them to the first three that are on my shelf.
but not before I read them!!! This is a great book for teens and I love it!!! .
he wondered if it was only in the act of falling that one could be truly free.

I know the feeling all too well.
When you think about it, it's paradoxical, because when you're falling you have no control over what's happening to you.
But then falling is like letting go, isn't it? And letting go is a freedom of sorts.

It was nice seeing things from different characters' perspectives, especially getting into Sebastian's mind.

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Oh my! This book is not a dull moment sort of book.
I have to remind myself how old they are.

And holy moly!

******SPOILER ALERT!!!******

So by chapter 22 I was talking to myself with an audible OH My GAWD!
I am not happy that Clary is unlucky in love! But it will turn out fine I'm sure I am excited to read the next book!

***City of Ashes

So much happens in this book I was staggeringly stunned more than once! It was indeed a good read! Nail biting and polish chipping occurred! Now onto City of Glass! So glad I got the five first books at once!

*****SPOILER ALERT!********

I don't know what to think about Clary and Jace.
The inquisitor died before telling Jace a very crucial piece of info! I could go on and on but I won't! LOVE THIS SERIES! well some new names but no new spoilers.

the first book city of bones: was amazing.
i couldnt set it down.
jace and clary were just apart of it.
the time line the minnor characters and all just blew my mind such a book exsisted.

city of ashes: spoiler alert after book one i had to read book two.
magnus had a bigger role and so did alec.
jace gave some surprises but simon almost broke my heart.
clary and issabelle made me laugh the most.
and luke is just awesome.
that inquistor was mean but i understand why she threw jace in jail sorta.

city of glass: spoiler alert
the book was breath takeing, i was scared for jace close to the end happy for that darn jonathans death and valentine Yes! This is how you do it! The story continues in a very well written manner full of twists and deceit but also full of love and power.
I enjoyed reading these very much and was sad when it was over.
I'll be checking out more of her books from here out.
ï City of Bones / City of Ashes / City of Glass / City of Fallen Angels / City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments, #1-5) Û I loved this series! It's like the next best thing since Harry Potter! It has tons of fantastical characters like vampires, wearwolves, warlocks, etc.
It has romance, comedy, tradgedy, and epic battle scenes.
It's about a group of demon hunters called "shadowhunters" which is like a mix between the angelic and human race that fight for good.
I couldn't put it down! The books do grow increasingly "worldly" but still stay on a consistant PG13 level which I always find enjoyable.
Loved it! I'd recommend it to anyone who loves fantasy and adventure novels.

So this review will be a whole lot more straightforward than my singlebook series, as I'm reviewing it as a whole.
This series is an amazing rollercoaster of emotions and plot, with tiny details that fit together like puzzle pieces to create an amazing story.
It has its ups and downs, like any long series, however is wrapped up amazingly in the end!

Now I did the thing that so many people recommended, and read The Infernal Devices before reading the last three Mortal Instrument books, and, I must say, that that was the perfect way to read the series! The last three books are so much more emotional when you actually know who Brother Zachariah and Tessa are, and why Magnus mentions a loyalty to the Herondales! It was also great to have read The Bane Chronicles in between, because he talks about those stories a lot! I also have reviews for both of those sections of the Shadowh My friend loaned me the first book in this series in trade paperback.
I got through it in a day and was dying to read the next few, and when I went online to price the ebooks, discovered the most economical choice was to purchase the first five in a single ebook.
I read the subsequent four in short order, and I was very pleased with the series, in general.

First off, I don't read a lot of YA these days.
I tend to lose patience with the characters too easily, but that didn't happen this time.
Instead, my only big issue was the total lack of parental supervision throughout.
For parents of preschoolers, it's like Dora in her teenage years.
I realize that this series is targeted at teens, and that's why the main characters are teens, but I just feel like it would have been a lot more believable if they were 20somethings.
Of course, that would have This is truly the best fantasy world I've read of so far.
The story is so gripping and the plot is insane! I nearly broke window after the first book; it was so twisted in the end I wanted to hurl but at the same time the book was sooo good! I had to read the next book.
And from then I was hooked.
When I finished the City of Lost souls, book 5 I knew there would be more but then I discovered that I have to wait til September 2014! I wanted to punch myself! The books are that good.
Will Book 6 be the final book? Will Sebastian finally be stopped? What's in store for Magnus/Alec? What about Simon and Isabelle? Will Jace and Clary get it in!!! Oh the Agony!

But on a serious note.
these books are soo good I'm writing a shitty review because I can't even describe it.
You have to read them yourself ^^.

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