STRANGE does not even begin to describe this STRANGE, FUCKED UP AND JUST PLAIN OLE CRAZY This was very short And very kinky And very strange And very erotic.
I liked it very different from what I m used to but I think I like this genre, horror erotica Anyways, not for the straight and narrow, but if you like erotica mixed with some perverse, fucked up being dominated by the beast type of story than you ll love this Like I said I liked it but wouldn t necessarily make a habit out of reading it too much, but thrown in once in a while yes, sure Very, very strange in a good way, I think.
wow is the first thing that come from my mouth when I finished this story Hot and scary I particularly enjoyed the sex scene in the snow and everything that goes with it I won t tell what happen I don t want to spoil the story, but don t forget it s a horror erotica book The end is Oh my god I absolutely loved this story I loved everything the plot, characters, sex, the dialog internal dialog, and the ending The sex was really really hot Loved seeing Roan s thoughts it really made you get into his head and enjoy the story that muchI did learn a lesson from this story if you and your friends are running for your life s and one of them tells you to hide somewhere and they take off don t do it run the other direction do not trust herwell on a second thought maybe you should go with her no sense on missing out on all of the fun.
Warning this story contains one totally scary hot dominate vampire who has a very very talented tongue, lots of blood, biting, forced seduction, drinking of blood, oral sex, rough sex, and if you think like me a possible HEA for Samantha, o and did I mention really hot rough sex.
Here are my thoughts on the story.
I liked the story I couldn t put it down till I finished When I read the part about Roan standing there outside the restaurant looking at Sam on the inside, I shuddered thinking how scary that would be I hollered Run Sam There was great tension I was glad to know what Roan was thinking It really did add to the sexual and then arousing appeal of the story I had a little problem with her reactions concerning her friends toward the end but Hey, its a horror story right Hope this makes you want to read it if you are over 18 yrs old Be prepared for lots of teeth, blood, and Sex That s what Vampires do.
È They Came from Below ✓ From another site my review There are a couple of authors who are automatic buys for me Nikita King is one of them They Came from Below is her second foray into horror erotica, and while that sub genre s not my preferred cuppa, I am always interested to see what a favorite writer will do when they step outside the box we readers put them in.
As always, it s a good tale and a ripping pace when NK tells it While there s a 30 Days of Night vibe to the story, it never feels derivative The set up is quickly drawn and boom You re in for a ride with the main character and how her instincts, and finally her chemistry with her vampire pursuer inform the decisions she makes NK makes great use of sensory information, too I wasthan a little breathless at the end There s a sorta HEAbut it comes at a fairly hefty price.

5 stars I always have to laugh at myself when I read these books But if you can t laugh at yourself, what is the point Horror Erotica is not going to be for everyone But I have to say I have a real thing for it This one was vampires Not sparkly,lovey dovey vampires either So it starts as a bit of a nightmare with Vampires coming from the depths of the city to feed on the unsuspecting citizens.
Sammy our main lady is sinlged out by a vampire Roam He smells her view spoiler she has her period hide spoiler This book addresses a question about vampirism I havealwaysthought about Do vampires like to eat pussy when women are having their period Admit it, you ve thought about it too.
Very short read Warning Spoilers The book begins with three female roommates getting together for drinks dinner after work Samantha Sam has recently broken up with a jerk so the trio are all toasting her new found freedom.
They hear someone outside the restaurant scream, and that s when Sam notices the people crawling out of the storm drains and sewers dressed in black attacking people outside People are dying.
Panic is starting inside the restaurant.
A man by the three girls begins calmly talking about how the old legends spoke about how they would come back It s useless to run They will get us all Sam questions him and he reveals that he is sp I really enjoyed this installment of Nikita King s Horror Erotica Muchsexier than a merman but hey you have to admit that the merman was pretty freaky.
This one revolves around a horde of vampires that are out to suck a town dry The big bald broody of the horde, Roan, lusts for something a bitwhen he smells the woman, Sam.
She is just too good to be true in all sense of the word NOM So, with some heavy petting and tongue play he totally wraps her around his ummm yeah.
and well stuff happens like in any erotica tale But this one has the oddest twist I ve ever seen The blood that Roan is after is well, I can t tell you you have to read it to find out PJust trust me I wasn t expecting it.
From there it s a fight for dominance which makes me want Ms King t It s that time of the month for vampires, as they come from below looking for a snack Poor Sam is the main course Roan wants to sink his teeth in and his tongue and his fingers and well, you get the point Sam, at first horrified, soon finds that is only a precursor to arousal What happens next is just bloody all the way around, but not necessarily in a bad way At times I kept wondering if I should feel bad for her, or extremely jealous Who knew cold bodies could have such hot sex And I now can t help but wonder why every guy can t have a forked tongue.
Tai, And Lisa Went Out To Dinner To Celebrate Samantha S New Job Promotion Little Did They Know That During Dinner Creatures Would Come Up From Below And Wreak Havoc On The Street In Front Of The Restaurant One Of The Creatures Spots Sam And Decides He Has To Have Her In Every Way Possible Can Samantha Get Away Or Will The Creature Catch Her And Have His Way With [ read Online They Came from Below ä latin-american-history PDF ] by Nikita King ¶ Her

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