This book was freaking phenomenal and epic Written with so much passion and emotion I mean heart and soul was poured into it I literally devoured it Every time I had to walk away due to life and reality, I became frustrated because I was so consumed I felt all the pain and anxiety that the characters experienced Brilliantly written I need the next installment ASAP Phenomenal story 4.
5 STARS Warning This is a highly addictive series Kova and Ria s story will test all your morals.
You ll feel anger, sadness, sympathy, and joy.
You ll think the best is FINALLY happening.
Only to be thrown through the emotional wringer all over again.
You ll feel so much anger for these two.
But you ll also feel hope that they can finally get their shit together.
Each book will leave you wantingand leave you hoping for the best but expecting the absolute worse So be warned, once you start this series, you won t be able to stop.
About Twist Off Balance 4 Twist is the fourth book in the Off Balance series It is very important you read the first three books in the series Balance, Execution, Release before diving into Twist This is NOT a standalo To Her Core, Adrianna Is Faced With An Incurable Illness She S Aware Of What She S Up Against And Is Willing To Risk What S Left Of Her For What She Loves With One Last Chance, And Despite Her Doctor S Orders, Adrianna Struggles Harder Than Ever To Achieve Her DreamTired And Torn, Kova Embraces His Flaws As He Watches Adrianna Reach Her Breaking Point Unable To Stand By As She Continues To Endanger Herself, He Surrenders To What He Wants Most, Even [Lucia Franco] ¾ Twist (Off Balance, #4) [bisexual PDF] read Online ✓ If It Means Losing Himself In The ProcessAs Adrianna Fights For Her Life, Kova Battles For Them Both No One Is Left Unscathed As They Succumb To Their Darkest Hunger Passions Reignite And Their Actions Grow Bolder, Creating An Endless Link Between Them Once Is A Mistake Twice Is Reckless Three Times Is A Choice But This Time They May Have Gone Too Far How do you write a review for something like this Ria Kova s story is truly unlike any other Full on angst, passion, lust, anger provoking, swooning, chills, just simply an unputdownable read I can t believe we are almost to the end Lucia writes like no other, and I love her for it She isn t afraid to go there with her characters, and to push them off the freakin cliff I feel like I literally can t breathe right now I have felt every emotion under the sun with this book So thankful that I love to read, and love to read all kinds of romance books Life s muchfun when you color outside the lines Love was a look Love was a feeling Love was a four letter word that heldweight than gold Love was clarity.
Í Twist (Off Balance, #4) ☆ Lucia Franco can write a sex scene That s why I m here It s basically book Porn Oh and gymnastics and things GimmeHayden, and don t you dare try to keep the road you are on with demonizing his character I love Hayden Readof my reviews at Whoo Gives A HootThe newest installment in Kova and Ria s epic journey SLAYED every inch of my soul and I am still trying to pick up the shattered pieces of my heart, even days after devouring all the words Lucia Franco s unique storytelling ability has wholeheartedly stolen my breath away and I can t stop thinking about all those drama filled twists and turns that totally had me turned upside down Just when I think things couldn t get any crazier, lets just sayMIND BLOWN I guess by now I should be able to anticipate these unexpected moments, but I am still surprised every FREAKING time Twist was a beautifully captivating story and the perfect addition to the Off Balance series My heart ached throughout Kova and Ria s journey These two have had to endure some painful moments and just when I think things are FINALLY looking up for them, som Idk how I lasted this long into reading this series but I m 9 chapters in and it feels like I m reading someone torture themself The child is sick but and needs medical attention but the adults around her are letting her do whatever she wants What could possibly go wrong This series could definitely been 3 books We don t need to read about Adrianna barely eating and stretching and warming up 50x.
OH MY DAMN HEART Wow Twist was everything I ever wanted andI have to admit that I was a bit scared once I read the dedication to the readers at the beginning of the book, I wasn t sure what would be happening Well let me back up a few steps here and say that this book has evenamazing chemistry and steamy scenes between Kova and Ria My gosh are those two on absolute FIRE together Here I was thinking I couldn t love Kova any than I currently do, but Lucia Franco has proved me wrong and after reading Twist I ve fallen even harder for Kova TEAMKOVAFOREVER can we make that a thing I want a shirt saying that This book ends on one doozy of a cliffhanger that left my heart in a mess I m so anxious to find out what s going to be happening in the next book in this series

What a book 4 Ya lyubuyu tebaa navesgda Stars Be prepared to ugly cry More than once I can guarantee you that you ll be full out sobbing at one particular scene But know this, it is absolutely worth every single tear Twist is the most heartbreaking, emotionally stunningly beautiful love story I have ever read This book holds a dear place in my heart Kova his Malysh makes you believe in hope, love, and fighting for what is important I am blown away and have the biggest book hangover A heartbreaking, and angsty love story that was an absolute gemOur love and pain were entwined, curling around us whenever we breathed the same air We were stuck in a cycle A painful, endless cycle that had no light at the end of the tunnel In Twist we see a different side of Kova The man hiding behind a mask He will do whatever it takes to protect his MALYSH By any means necessary Ria is struggling

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