Slate As President Of The Slate Mountain Wolf Pack Motorcycle Club, Being Alpha To A Pack Of Wolves Was Something I Was Born To Do Same With Riding A Motorcycle And Standing Vigilant Against All Threats To Our Little Mountain Town Even When Those Threats Come From Within Most Of The Humans Here Don T Know What We Are They Only See Tough Men On Bikes With Leather Vests, Marking Us As Outlaws The Facade Keeps Our Secret And The Town Of Slate Mountain Safe When My Mate [ read Online Under a Full Moon (Slate Mountain Wolf Pack #1) Ð steampunk-romance PDF ] by Sammi Cee õ Shows Up With The Summer Breeze, All Seems Right With The World, Until Trouble Stirs And I Have To Use All My Resources As A Man And Wolf To Protect Him And The Town We Both Love Brice Wallace As The Mayor S Son, Coming Home After Graduating From College Is An Eye Opening Experience I D Forgotten How Small Town Politics Could Swallow People Whole And Point Men Down Paths Of Greed Now That My Eyes Have Been Opened, There S No Going Back To The Blissful Ignorance Of Before When I Meet Ethan, I Know He S The One For Me Being With Ethan, Leads Me Further Away From My Father S Plans And Deeper Into The Secrets Of Slate Mountain Even As It Puts Me Directly Into The Path Of The Newest Threat To Our Sleepy Little Town Welcome To Slate Mountain Where Magic And Motorcycles Roam The Streets, Love Flows As Pure As Mountain Spring Water, And The Wolves Are Always Guarding The Door Under A Full Moon Is A , Word Novella Featuring An M M Romance And An HEA It Is The First Book In A Four Part Series Set In The Same World And While Each Book Focuses On A Different Couple The Overall Story Arc Continues On In The Next Installment It Is Recommended The books Be read In Order Ethan is the Alpha of a motorcycle pack in Slate Mountain The majority if the town are not aware of their existence and believe they are nothing than a gang of outlaws Some humans are aware and provide assistance Brice is the mayor s son and has just returned from college His father has very strict ideas as to how Brice should behave and who to help There is a mystery in town involving the youth of the community being homeless Ethan and Brice discover they are mates Together they have to help the young people in town and Brice comes to the harsh realization that his father is not a good man I can t wait to discover in Slate Mountain.
This was a sweet mate story but it was just okay writing wise I liked it well enough but something was missing for me At times it was almost like the characters had split personalities I don t know if this was due to the fact it was two authors writing the same character or what I would definitely read the next one though.

Just okay.
Given that it is a MC shifter book, it s not so Alpha as one might expect Pretty meh and needs editing.
2 starsSo I had high hopes for this But then while it was well written and well edited, it couldn t escape the clutches of predictability and the same old trope syndrome You could see what was coming from a mile away and you d know what s going to happen next Nothing new or exciting or different, sad to say Don t think I will be continuing with this series

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