I dunno if I was the only one, but I was left wanting at the end of this book I felt the ending area or about last quarter to fifth of the book felt rushed and not as detailed as most of the books Now I know several books have basically just ended with D going I m D and just kicking ass, but really that was mostly at some of the earlier books Might just be me but I felt I needed about 5 10 pagesin the last quarter to help the book.
The Ageless, Supernatural Vampire Hunter, Takes Charge Protecting The Survivors Of An Aircraft That Has Crash Landed In A Deadly Zone Known As The Playground But Before D Can Assist Them, He Must First Battle A Legion Of Undead Warriors Swarming From The Fortress Of The Sacred Ancestor, The Oldest Vampire In ↠´ Vampire Hunter D Volume 18 ↠´ Download by Ê Hideyuki Kikuchi Existence I enjoyed this book That it took me so long to read it was because of so much going on in my life this year If you are a fan of the previous Hunter D books, you ll enjoy this one just as much The reason it does not get higher ratings is because that the entire latter half of the book was somewhat depressing with a sad though logical ending , and there was a good deal of other characters being seduced by the elder god of the title, and a lot less fighting by D I was also hoping to learnof the Nobility history, as there had been in previous books, but there was not much But I have begun the next book in the series, which already isto my liking with a lot of action ß Vampire Hunter D Volume 18 ✓ There is not as much purple prose, so it s not as funny And nothing really special happens More of the same, really.
Kikuchi redeemed himself with this instalment It is a simple and clean cut story without pointless running around like the last time in Tyrant s Stars It has diverse characters that get stuck together in a situation they are not prepared for, and their life s motives are revealed reasonably well.
Although the author only ever mentions in his postscrip the vampire films he s watches and the like, but I wonder if the tentacle Elder God named Clulu is actually inspired by Lovecraft s Cthulhu.
ah, reading D is always a pleasure An interesting twist for Vampire Hunter D series, but still good.

The mysterious Man in Black returns, this time escorting a bunch of stranded passengers across a dangerous wasteland The book as usual is filled with unnecessary sentences, bizarre weather patterns and the ever enigmatic D wielding his flashing sword and sarcastic Lefty The latter is chattier than ever, voicing his opinions in front of everybody What s evenpuzzling is that nobody sees fit to mention this voice coming from D s lower hip or even to respond to it Is it a willing deafness or is everyone simply too polite to mention it which doesn t seem quite possible on the Frontier There is another enemy for D to fight, the titular god, a Cthulhu like creation so fearful even the Sacred Ancestor had trouble dealing with it It s unclear whether the Nobles stumbled across this god or whether they created it Various cons SPOLERSSPOILERSSPOILERS D Showed up to a group of shipwrecked travelers including an odd child, suckling, official, sheriff, another hunter, a gangster, and a woman, in the middle of traveling to a job The job was to kill a god worshiped by a group of nobles, the shipwrecked travelers decided to hire him to protect them after he had finished his job After a while they got to the palace temple, and after eventime had passed he found the sealed god The god said that if he were to repel the other set of creatures attacking him then he would show himself to D He bad gotten medicine to the group of travelers and the hunter among them volunteered to help They then sought to destroy the ghosts.

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