Dear Atheists and skeptics please read my review.
This book will teach you much on harvesting the power within your mind Whether it helps you heal your body or not, it can show you the way to inner bliss.
It will also, however, try to sell you some things that you shouldn t unconsciously buy into I think Joe Dispenza is dangerously into the territory he accuses doctors of unknowingly misusing the reader is suggestible due to their faith in the book s message, and he takes advantage of this.
For most of the book there s a lot of solid evidence for the things Dispenza wants to teach, and it s good if you have patience with the many analogues not all of them quite on point, either and the way he repeats every damn thing Anyway, the first and last part of the book are great When he talks You Are the Placebo making your mind matter by Dr Joe Dispenza 1st edition available April 2014 ISBN 978 1 4019 4458 2 is where spirituality meets science, where the reader is introduced to how powerful our thoughts can be and the effect it has on our physical body A book about mind body connection, about healing ourselves, simplified to layman s terms where anyone can understand and grasp the concepts presented within its pages Dr Dispenza includes in his book a specific meditation geared to change, alter or heal any condition the reader is presently experiencing Also available as a companion to this book will be an audio CD of the meditation listed in You Are the Placebo.
The author s intention for this book is to place the reader in the driver s seat, to empower us to create the needed changes in our lives It s about transforming illness an It Possible To Heal By Thought Alone Without Drugs Or Surgery The Truth Is That It Happens Often Than You Might Expect In You Are the Placebo, Dr Joe Dispenza Shares Numerous Documented Cases Of Those Who Reversed Cancer, Heart Disease, Depression, Crippling Arthritis, And Even The Tremors Of Parkinson S Disease By Believing In A Placebo Similarly, Dr Joe Tells Of How Others Have Gotten Sick And Even Died The Victims Of A Hex Or Voodoo Curse Or After Being [ read Online You Are the Placebo Ý european-literature PDF ] by Joe Dispenza ã Misdiagnosed With A Fatal Illness Belief Can Be So Strong That Pharmaceutical Companies Use Double And Triple Blind Randomized Studies To Try To Exclude The Power Of The Mind Over The Body When Evaluating New Drugs Dr Joe Does Than Simply Explore The History And The Physiology Of The Placebo Effect He Asks The Question Is It Possible To Teach The Principles Of The Placebo, And Without Relying On Any External Substance, Produce The Same Internal Changes In A Person S Health And Ultimately In His Or Her Life Then He Shares Scientific Evidence Including Color Brain Scans Of Amazing Healings From His Workshops, In Which Participants Learn His Model Of Personal Transformation, Based On Practical Applications Of The So Called Placebo Effect The Book Ends With A How To Meditation For Changing Beliefs And Perceptions That Hold Us Back The First Step In Healing You Are the Placebo Combines The Latest Research In Neuroscience, Biology, Psychology, Hypnosis, Behavioral Conditioning, And Quantum Physics To Demystify The Workings Of The Placebo Effect And Show How The Seemingly Impossible Can Become Possible This book has an excellent premise The placebo effect is well documented, but it s hard to self induce For instance, people who take placebo antidepressants do almost as well as those who get the real deal so what if you could create that placebo effect internally , at will Unfortunately the snake oil red alarm bells started ringing madly before I had finished the introduction Talksabout his own workshops than scientific studies Check Success stories all anecdotal Check Lots of technical jargon and actual studies abused with wantonness that would make an actual practitioner of the field blush Check If you understand anything at all about quantum mechanics, this book may induce nausea The author understands vaguely that at the quantum level, probabilities becomeof a thing, and also that light possesses a wav Ono to mozak mo e, to je nevjerojatno Vjerujem da je na in pripovijedanja prilago en da bi ga svi razumjeli, no i dalje bih rekla da su dijelovi knjige te ki po to je znanstveni dio vrlo prisutan Podatci koji su izneseni kao dokaz mogli su biti puno jednostavniji, jer sigurna sam da oni koji uzmu ovu knjigu, vjeruju doktoru na rije Svaka ast Dr Dispenza to je poku ao pojednostaviti svoj rad nama obi nim ljudima, te uspio dokazati koja je na a mo.
One of the most magnificent books I have read in a long time If anyone is impressed by the secret book by Rhonda Byrne then you must read this book cause this book proves scientifically how a thought has so much power and how you can completely transform your life with nothingthan changing thoughts and deep ingrained belief systems It s a must read for everyone who wants to transform themselves into better living beings and who want to experience the unknown Also the author has mentioned the techniques of meditation which I personally believe is amazing cause you just are not confined to the knowledge but even how to practice the same Love this book.
ð You Are the Placebo ↠´ I received a complementary copy of this book from Hay House for review purposes The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.
You no doubt have heard stories of people being healed from illness by taking miracle drugs, only to find out later the drugs were placebos or harmless sugar pills How, then, were these people healed Dr Joe Dispenza explores this phenomenon in his new book, You Are the Placebo making your mind matter.
Dispenza knows what you tell yourself can heal physical maladies He did it himself Having experienced a horrific biking accident at age 23 while competing in a triathlon, Dispenza s prognosis was not good With six broken vertebrae it was doubtful he would ever walk again I decided against the medical model and the expert recommendations, Dispenza recalls in the first pages of the book I believe that ther It s all in the attitude Neuroscience, epigeneticsThe placebo I shall please , and the nocebo I shall harm effects on the body, on physiological and psychological level have been studied for years The patient responding either positively or negatively depending what they expect believe This book is fascinating because it gives both scientific and mystic examples like people eating glass and walking on coals and not getting hurt, by changing their mind and then body on a cellular level, and most interesting it talks about new scientific evidence of these cellular changes affecting and causing DNA changes in the body So you may no longer be doomed because of your genes when it comes to genetic disease for example and it all starts with a thought There are ma

Additional comment since the review theI think of this book, the angrier I get I now feel the author is a fraud, even if he believes what he is saying Kind of like a Billy Graham Can t believe he was invited to give a TED Talk Has diminished the Talks in my eyes I ve hesitated commenting on this book Not sure why I suspended my skepticism when reading it, but by the end it all came tumbling out First off, I do believe the brain is something remarkable something we don t fully understand I believe there have been miracles, like faith healing But I don t have much any respect for faith healers Dispenza attempts to make a science out of the topic It s not the topic I object to, but his writing, and what he is try I readself help books than I care to admit on Goodreads, but this one is a stand out Lots of fascinating anecdotes about the power of the mindand a good reminder of why I need to meditateregularly.

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