Know Androma Racella As The Bloody Baroness, A Powerful Mercenary Whose Reign Of Terror Stretches Across The Mirabel Galaxy To Those Aboard Her Glass Starship, Marauder, However, She's Just Andi, Their Friend And Fearless Leader

But When A Routine Mission Goes Awry, The Marauder's Allgirl Crew Is Tested As They Find Themselves In A Treacherous Situation And At The Mercy Of A Sadistic Bounty Hunter From Andi's Past

Meanwhile, Across The Galaxy, A Ruthless Ruler Waits In The Shadows Of The Planet Xen Ptera, [Sasha Alsberg] ç Zenith [tarot PDF] read Online É Biding Her Time To Exact Revenge For The Destruction Of Her People The Pieces Of Her Deadly Plan Are About To Fall Into Place, Unleashing A Plot That Will Tear Mirabel In Two

Andi And Her Crew Embark On A Dangerous, Soultesting Journey That Could Restore Order To Their Ship Or Just As Easily Start A War That Will Devour Worlds As The Marauder Hurtles Toward The Unknown, And Mirabel Hangs In The Balance, The Only Certainty Is That In A Galaxy Run On Lies And Illusion, No One Can Be Trusted ARC provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

DNF at Chapter 41

I’m sorry, everyone, I just can’t do this anymore.
The incredibly short chapters that jump around to a million different points of view are just too much for me.
This is such a jarring read that is really lacking any real cohesiveness.

Zenith is the first book in a YA series that stars Androma, AKA: the Bloody Baroness, and her crew, who are forced to do a very dangerous mission.
This mission is the direct result of the ghosts from Andi’s past that have come back to haunt her.
One of them being her past lover, Dex, who betrayed her, and Andi is now forced to work alongside him for this mission.

I don’t care about Dex, or Andi, or even her crew! And, more importantly, I don’t believe in any of them.
Their motives feel forced, t description

So, I received an arc of this and I just.
I just can't.

It's so stupid.

It's so bad.

I was either cringing or laughing whilst reading this and only managed to get through ~100 pages before I started skimming.

This is the flimsiest scifi I've encountered.
It's laughable.

Spoilers, ahoy.

The "worldbuilding" is SO LAME.
People are constantly described with kooky features; red and white striped eyes, webbed feet(on someone who's evidently barefoot on a spaceship), glowing eyes, slitted nostrils, horns, covered in spikes(???) and it's so stupid.
I assume they're all aliens? But why are their other features human? It's the laziest shit ever to just throw some random weir

5* possibly?

** An author is not their book.
I am going to be honest whether I know the author or not.
Me critiquing a book is not a personal attack on the author, no matter who they may be.
I am super proud of these ladies for getting BookTubers names on a published book, whether I liked the book or not does not change that fact.

The audiobook was definitely the route to go with this one for me.
The story overall was entertaining and pretty enjoyable, though a bit corny.
I had a few issues with the writing, repetition, conciseness, and word choice being chief among them.
The story didn't need to be as long as it was, nor did it need to have as many characters as it did, but they were a fun group of girls who exhibited a great example of the strength of female friendship.
If you're apprehensive about trying this ou Edit 4/7After further reflection, I've decided to drop my rating to 3 stars.
All of my previous likes/dislikes of Zenith still stand, but I feel 3 stars is a better representation of my positives/negatives for this novel.
While there were so many things about Zenith that I enjoyed from an entertaining perspective, the criticisms I have expressed below are more present in my mind than I originally felt.

4 stars! I really enjoyed Zenith.
Highconcept scifi isn’t really my thing but as I’ve read more scifi in the last few months and have really enjoyed them, something about Zenith definitely struck me!

CW: murder/death, ptsd, rape

My favorite thing about Zenith was the plot.
I’ve always considered myself a plotbased reader, so if the story is adventurous, suspenseful, and highintensity, it’s typically a great fit for me.
I really didn’t

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